The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Cliff Booth Costume


“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is his personal love letter to Tinseltown, presented in 1969 during the earthquake of old and new cultures. And that presented a unique creative challenge for his outgoing costume designer, Arianne Phillips, who was not so interested in history and fiction in a Tarantino film.

It needed its own separate process because here we have real-life events, real people who are part of the culture – the current Manson homicide and Hollywood [slain actress Sharon Tate, including Margot Ruby],” Phillips said. Said “And then at the center of it, we have these two legendary characters, Rick Dalton [Leonardo DiCaprio] and Cliff Booth [Brad Pitt], the Shepherd actor and his stunt double. Also, his report has a special news feel. Was needed, so we really wanted to transport the audience and go back to Hollywood as it was in 1969.

Naturally, like other members of Team Tarantino, Phillips did his homework by reviewing 1969 movies and TV shows (“Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid,” “Easy Rider,” and “Bob and Carol & Ted”). & Ellis “Chief. And he discussed the combination of Darton and Booth with Tarantino because those who have switched from TV to movies and those who have edited Steve McQueen from “Kookie” Byrnes (“77 Sunset”) Strip ” was not modified. But the focus of the most important conversation revolves around psychological make-up for the two main characters: Dalton had gone through his prime in the past and is still stuck in the ’50s when Booth is more comfortable, independent, and forward.

Brad Pitt Jacket:

This amazing Emma Swan Red Jacket is Inspired by the movie itself, this blue jacket is perfect for cliff booth wear. This is made of high-quality jeans material. In addition, this modern jacket has a shirt-style collar and front buttons. This jacket has buttoned cuffs and actually adds extra style to the jacket. Additionally, the jacket has an inner soft lining layer that makes sure it is comfortable as well as durable.

Brad Pitt Sunglasses:

Next on the list are these metal frame aerated sunglasses. These sunglasses look like ours as we see them in the original Cliff Booth costume and complete the outfit in the best costume style. Also, this frame is built to last and is a style statement in itself. These sunglasses look so perfect and marvelous and complete your amazing look.

Cliff Booth Jeans Pant:

In fact, These are the perfect match for a regular-fit jeans cliff booth costume. These amazing Jackets are made with durable flax denim and are guaranteed to give comfort throughout the day. This pair of jackets has a zipper fly and button off. Additionally, they feature two embroidered back pockets. A great addition to your daily wardrobe as they can be paired with different outfits.

Cliff Booth Black t-shirt:

We see in the movie Cliff Booth black T-shirt under his blue jeans jacket. This t-shirt is highly recommended for cliff booth costumes. The materials used to make this shirt are pre-shrunk cotton and polyester material. This full-cut t-shirt is the best match of the match used in the original dress. It is durable and extremely comfortable. Also, is this a valuable addition to your wardrobe because seriously, this black t-shirt increases the beauty.

Brown Boot:

For the shoes, we have the wonderful brown western cowboy shoes, which we often see in the movie. An integral part of the Cliff Booth costume, these leather boots have a rubber sole and a western heel, and a western toe. This pair of shoes can also be used in various other magazines.

Cliff Booth Buckle:

Finally, this brown suede belt is an accessory that adds detail to a cliff booth dress. Additionally, it is made of the highest, softest whole grain leather. Also, the beautiful buckle adds extra style to this great accessory. It lasts a long time and can be worn on many occasions.