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How to Dress Like Mad Hatter

Costume Guide of The Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter

Alice as well as Tarrant Hightopp (a.k.a Mad Hatter) were the two characters from Alice in Wonderland characters that gained a huge amount of attention. Mad Hatter got famous for two reasons. One, due to his hilarious and crazy persona, and secondly, for the reason that Johnny Depp portrayed the character. The Hatter is a hat maker. His curly red hair is due to the fact that he was poisoned by mercury. He’s thin with green eyes and pale skin and a liner that transforms color and a wild smile that actually signifies that the man lost his sanity a long time in the past (when the entire village burned due to Red Queen). Red queen). While he may appear insane, he’s, actually extremely skilled and adept in sword fighting. The tragic and insane past that surrounded Mad hatter is that he’s disturbed and sometimes bitter. In other words, he’s courageous, loving, compassionate as well as energetic, dramatic, and funny. He’s simply one of the top, famous characters to cosplay!


Mad Hatter Jacket

This coat-style Mad Hatter Jacket is now accessible to all. The style is attractive. The concept of the dress is derived from the famous film called “Alice In Wonderland”. The finest genuine leather is used to create the design of the outer covering of the clothing. Inside, you’ll enjoy the comfort of the viscose inside the lining. Alice In Wonderland Jacket has distinctive red piping that makes it elegant. The actor Johnny Depp wore the same dress and looked gorgeous in the fantastic series. Johnny played the character in the role of Mad Hatter in the movie. In on the reverse of the costume, the laces’ designs are displayed, giving it an unorthodox appearance. You can also alter to adjust the Mad Hatter Coat according to your ideal size. Red piping has been utilized to make the cuffs. The wide collar on the lapel adds to the attractiveness. The frontal closure can be secured by buttons.


Adult Wig

Costumes of Mad Hatter is not complete without this hairstyle. The vibrant orange hair is made of high-quality synthetic fiber. It’s easy to put on and is suitable for all.



The look of Mad Hatter can’t be complete without this hairstyle. The vibrant orange-colored wig is constructed of top-quality synthetic fiber. It’s easy to put on and can be worn by anyone.


Men’s Hatter Deluxe Costume

This is a male’s version of the Mad Hatter costume. The costume comes with a jacket and an accessory scarf that has all the details ornaments.

fauxjacketBoot Covers

Leather adult boots in brown add to the overall appearance of the outfit. The orange-colored laces make it easy to tie them up.


Dark Mad Hatter Wig

This Mad Hatter wig is black in hue with grey and white streaks to match the character. Made of top-quality synthetic fiber, it’s necessary to finish the appearance.


Dark Mad Hatter Mens Costume

The costume consists of pants, jacket, with bowtie, top hat, spat, vest, covers, and gloves that are fingerless. The whole outfit is a blend of white and black, which is exactly what Mad Hatter dressed in the film.


Women’s Delightful Hatter Costume

Female model of the Mad Hatter costume includes a printed tank dress, checkerboard-trimmed velvet jacket with high/low belt with an ornate buckle as well as a bow tie and the oversized hat that goes with it. The fabric is very elastic and made of 100 percent polyester.


Mini Cropped Satin Gloves

The mini-cropped glove gives an elegant appearance to your attire. These gloves can be worn by themselves or in a way that suits the style. It is comfortable and allows for free movements of the fingers.


Thigh High Stockings

Stockings with a high thigh are essential for the actors. They can be worn with a variety of costumes. They are designed in a striped and checkered pattern, these tights provide extraordinary detail to your costume.


Pump Shoes

The perfect shoes for your costume. It’s a shiny fabric that is a perfect match for the costume. The perfect balance of heels for an effortless move.




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