Fortnite Raider Raptor Costume Guide

Costume Guide of The Fortnite Raider Raptor

Costume Guide of The Fortnite Raider Raptor

If you’re considering cosplaying for Comic-Con or fun, the Raider Raptor Costume will make you feel like a Royal Air Force Test Pilot. You may be familiar with Raptor, a legendary outfit from Fortnite: Battle Royale. It can be purchased in the item shop for 2000 V-Bucks. You don’t have to worry about dressing up as Raider Raptor. Our store has all the essential items you need for Raider Raptor Costume. We offer a great selection at a reasonable price, along with royal treatment and high-quality stitching. Let’s take a look at how to dress up as Raider Raptor in Halloween and Comic-Con.

rapid jacket

Raptor Leather Jacket

You will need this Raptor Leather Jacket to complete your Raider Raptor Costume. It will give you an impressive, superheroic look. This jacket can be worn by your Fortnite character during Fortnite: Royale battle. It can also be used with other clothing at concerts in winter, Christmas, New Year, and Halloween events.

The Raptor Leather Jacket features leather, viscose, lining, fur collar, and zippered closure. It also has full-length sleeves in yellow or brown.


Brown Shirt

To complete your Raider Raptor Costume, this simple brown shirt will be required. This brown shirt looks great when viewed from your Raptor Leather Jacket. This shirt is comfortable and breathable, so you can wear it with your costume at Comic-Con or Halloween.

Raider Raptor Brown Shirts are made of cotton with a round neck and short sleeves.


Tactical Backpack

You can now buy this Tactical Backpack for the ultimate Fortnite Pilot look. This Tactical Backpack is worn by Raider Raptor in Fortnite: Royale Battles. This tactical backpack is timeless and can be used for both traveling and at the academy. The Tactical Backpack features canvas, zippered pants, and pockets.


Black Tactical Belt

This Black Tactical Belt will enhance the look of your tactical pants. If you desire a bold look, this accessory is not only essential but also useful. The Black Tactical Belt has a nylon and plastic hook closure.



This shovel is essential for anyone who will be wearing the Raider Raptor Costume at Comic-Con. This shovel is safe and projection-free. You can also buy it for your children to use in the garden or at the seaside.


Black Knee Pads

To complete your Raider Raptor costume for Halloween or Comic-Con, you will need to buy these Black Knee Pads. These knee pads can be worn while you are playing any sport, or riding a bicycle to protect yourself from any injury.


Ski Mask

This multi-purpose Ski Mask is available for purchase to complete your Raider Raptor Costume. All you need to do is to pair it with a tactical helmet. This Ski Mask can be worn in winter by both males and women. The Raider Raptor Ski Mask was made from acrylic and machine knitting.

leg belt

Tactical Leg Strap

The Tactical Leg Strap is sure to give you the perfect superheroic look. It will also complete your Raider Raptor costume. Simply wear the Tactical Leg Strap with your Tactical Pants to enjoy Comic-Con.


Tactical Headset

If you plan to wear Raider Raptor Costume, this Tactical Headset should be your first purchase. The Tactical Headset is the best Fortnite: Royale Battle pilot outfit. The Tactical headset can reduce noise and amplify range commands. The Tactical headset is made of nylon plastic and has a battery.

shoe less

Nylon Shoelaces

This is an important item to shop for. You can lace up your boots or shoes using these nylon shoelaces. Match your boots with your Raider Raptor jacket. You can exchange your old lace for a new one if it is damaged.


Brown Tactical Pants

We present to you these amazing smooth Brown Tactical pants that will complement your Raider Raptor Costume. They will give you a superheroic look. These tactical pants can be worn by anyone, not just your character. These Brown Tactical Pants are the perfect choice if you’re looking to wear military pants in a current fashion. You can also pair them with cosplay attire at Halloween, Comic-Con, or other casual gatherings at work.

Raider Raptor brown Tactical Pants are made from polyester and cotton blend. They have a straight or lose style and a zippered closure.

Leather Yellow Gloves

These Leather Yellow Gloves are a great choice for your Raider Raptor costume. All you have to do is wear the yellow gloves over your Raider Raptor jacket and you’re ready to enjoy Halloween and Comic-Con. These gloves can be worn in winter while you are riding a bike, hiking, or taking trips.


Brown Combat Boots

You will also need these Brown Combat Boots to complete your Raider Raptor costume and add grace to your personality. To get your character ready for Fortnite: Royale Battle combat, you will need to dress him in these combat boots. Now it’s time to show bravery by walking in these Brown Combat Boots.

Raider Raptor brown Combat Boots are made from synthetic material and feature a synthetic sole with medium heels and lace-up closure.