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Dress Like Arthur Morgan Red Dead Redemption 2

Costume Guide of The Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan 

Would you like to feel the most powerful gangster inside you and enter the world of video games? Let’s make it easier for you and introduce the Arthur Morgan Costume that is taken from the video game The Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur Morgan is the most powerful character and an outlaw. He is a member of the Van der Linde gang, he has to decline to Wild West with his gang to survive against government forces, rival gangs, and other adversaries after a botched ferry heist. Arthur Morgan wears a gangster costume and is completely armed, you can have the same look if you follow our below-given guide.



Arthur Morgan Leather Jacket

Arthur Morgan is seen having on this brown jacket that has the attraction for all new style seekers. This jacket will complete your Arthur Morgan costume and grant you a unique taste of wearing a jacket. You can wear this jacket with complete cosplay at Halloween, Comic-Con, or with other shirts or t-shirts at concerts, parties, in winter. The Arthur Morgan Jacket is projected by genuine leather, viscose lining, stand-up collar, fringe style, button-down closure, full-length sleeves with stitched cuffs.



Arthur Morgan Wool Coat

At this point, you can shop the Arthur Morgan Coat inspired by the video game The Red Dead Redemption 2. This red classy coat will complete your Arthur Morgan Costume. This coat has the power to attract the all around you, you can wear this coat over any shirt to get a fancy look at marriages, official events, Christmas and New Year events, in winter. The coat is made up of wool, viscose lining comforts you, button-down closure, lapel style collar, and full-length sleeves with open hem button cuffs.



Arthur Morgan Leather Vest

This vest is perfectly designed to give you the exact look of Arthur Morgan Vest in the video game The Red Dead Redemption 2. This tighter-fitter vest will enhance your style and give you a handsome look whenever you wear it whether with a complete Arthur Morgan Costume or you can match the vest with other shirts in your wardrobe. The vest will keep you warm in winter and is good for special events like Christmas and New Year,concerts, friends, and family gatherings. The Arthur Morgan Vest is projected by leather,viscose lining, fringe style, button-down closure.



Arthur Morgan Cotton Jacket

This jacket is a pretty piece of Arthur Morgan Costume, you should own this stunning and captivating jacket that will not only give you an eye-catching look but also give you a new manner to be dressed in a jacket. You can wear this jacket with complete cosplay or with other apparel to look smart and dapper. The Arthur Morgan jacket is projected by cotton, viscose lining, lapel style color, button-down closure, full-length sleeves with open hem, cuffs.



Brown Oilskin Cowboy Hat 

We recommend you wear this brown oilskin cowboy hat with Arthur Morgan Costume and own the perfect gangster look. This hat is made up of cotton that is breathable, you can wear for long. This ageless hat will give you sun rays protection but in style. This is an ideal hat for trips, picnics, and hiking.



Blue Button-Down Shirt 

We recommend you wear this awesome blue shirt to complete your Arthur Morgan Costume. This enthralling shirt will make your personality charismatic either you wear this shirt alone with your black dress pants or with complete cosplay. The shirt is cotton made that comforts you all day, its stripes design gives a graceful look whenever you wear this shirt. You can wear this shirt at Christmas and New Year events, during office hours, and during marriages.



Rangewear Canvas Pants

These pants are for all simple men who like to wear simple pants, here we introduce you to this range wear canvas pants to complete your Arthur Morgan Costume. The pants are comfortable and sweat-absorbent, you can wear these semi-fitted pants with other shirts or t-shirts in your wardrobe. Moreover, you need to purchase these pants with complete cosplay to own the exact look of the character. These simple but stylish pants can be worn at Christmas and New Year events,during work, gatherings, casually. The Arthur Morgan Pants are projected by cotton, fly zip button closure, straight and semi-fitted style.



Black and Gray Striped Suspenders 

We present you with these black and grey striped suspenders to wear with your Arthur Morgan Costume to own an exact look of your character. These suspenders have button-down holders that are a new style. These suspenders are an ideal choice to wear on special occasions.



Black Linen Scarf

if you are cosplaying for Halloween or Comic-Con, then you have to own a picture-perfect look of your character. As you know, Arthur Morgan is seen wearing a black scarf around his neck while wearing his blue striped shirt and this style is awesome to wear. If you want to wear the same style, then shop for this black linen scarf and wrap it around your neck. The scarf is unisex, women can also wear this scarf in different ways.



Brown Western Gunman Belt

Arthur Morgan is an outlaw gangster who is always armed with his weapons. If you want perfection in your character appearance and complete your Arthur Morgan Costume, you have to shop for this brown western gunman belt that is amazingly beautiful and ageless. Easy and comfortable to wear, you can also shop for this belt for your gun.




Doc Holliday Silver Revolver

We present you this Doc Holliday Silver Revolver to keep in your gunman belt while wearing Arthur Morgan Costume. The revolver is harm-free and playful that can be shopped as a Christmas and New Year gift for kids.



Brown Cross-Body Leather Satchel Bag

We are getting you introduced to the very useful item that can also complete your Arthur Morgan Costume, the brown cross-body leather satchel bag. The bag is spacious and you can easily keep your belongings, its material makes the bag durable. The satchel bag is unisex, women can also shop for this bag, the can also be a nice Christmas gift for someone.



Black Cowboy Boots

These amazingly attractive glossy black cowboy boots will bring boldness into your way of walking and smarten you every step. These luxuriant boots will complete your Arthur Morgan Costume and can be beautifully matched with other outfits. These boots will give you the same bravery as your Arthur Morgan own while wearing these boots. You can wear these boots with jeans or dress pants, they are perfect for hiking, traveling, trips, and comfortable at work. The Arthur Morgan Cowboy Boots are projected by leather, synthetic sole with medium heels, zippered closure. All the above items are made up of premium quality that you can’t get from elsewhere except our store and make your Halloween or Comic-Con memorable. You can shop each shown item from our store at very economical prices, then make a quick visit to our store and get high-quality, fine stitching, best projection and enjoy royal treatment for our valuable customers. Now, what are you waiting for?



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